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Everything else can go to hell

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Birthdate:Dec 3
Location:Koenji, Tokyo, Japan
Goes by the name of Jac. Loves her guys. Loves her girls. Is loving girls more now. 'Cept her hubbies, of which at the moment have stopped increasing. Loves dark, angsty, sexy music. Which explains her never-ending love for KAT-TUN. More so, Kame. 1582 is her favorite 4 numbers after 1986. Is bitchy. Loves her chocolates.

Is optimistic beyond repair. Thinks the whole is meant for her to do as she pleases. And that everything will fall according to her plan. Is evil. Is bitchy. Is hard to love. Finds it harder to love someone back. Is too independent. Bows to no one. Loves idiots, simply because they make her feel damn smart.

The world cannot love her more than she loves herself. Peace out bitches. You know I love you.
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